Windows 10 Virtual Cloud Dedicated -16 GB

Windows 10 Virtual Cloud Dedicated -16 GB




  • Cloud-based Windows 10 Virtual Desktop with Office




    • Powerful 8 Core and 16 Core Virtual Windows 10 Desktop Computer.
    • Windows 10 based Virtual Desktop.
    • Microsoft Office 2013 Included.
    • Anywhere any time access from any Internet Enabled Device.
    • Full PC Windows 10 Desktop Experience with power and flexibility.
    • Enhanced security with SSL encryption and compression.
    • 5 times faster than RDP Client and 80% Bandwidth Saving with HTML5.
    • Direct Accelerated RDP client for Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, iOS, and Android.


  • 8 Core 16 GB
    Windows 10 Virtual Desktop
    Unlimited Bandwidth

    • Number of Intel CPU Cores 8 Core
    • Processor Type Intel CPU
    • Dedicated Memory 16 GB
    • RAIN-based SSD Hard Drive 50 GB
    • Operating system Windows 10
    • Microsoft Office 2013 Yes
    • Supported Internet Browsers All HTML5 Supported Browsers
    • Accelerated RDP Client All Operating Systems
    • Delivery Time Less than 1 Hour
    • Monthly Rental Price$75.00
    • Setup Fee$0.00
    • Contract Period Month to Month
    • Supported Devices Any Device
    • Application platform HTML5
    • Addons like Java or Flash Not Needed
    • Software Installation Needed? No
    • Supported Internet Browsers All HTML5 Supported Browsers
    • SSL Encryption Yes
    • Compression to save Bandwidth Yes 80% BW Saving
    • File Upload and Download Yes
    • URL Redirection Yes
    • Local Printer Support  Yes
    • Touch Screen Support Yes
    • 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee Yes

    Datacenter & Network

    99.9% Uptime Guaranteed Cloud Servers in Digital Realty Powered World Class Data Center with Unlimited Internet Bandwidth.

    • N+1 Redundant Power supplies
    • BGP Enabled Redundant Internet
    • SSAE 16 Certified Data Center
    • 100% Cisco Enabled Network
    • 24/7 On Site Staff
    • 24/7 World Class Security

    Virtual Desktop Solutions – Exceeding your expectations!

     Virtual Desktop is designed and developed on a cloud-based Fault-Tolerant Server hardware infrastructure, which is backed by 24/7 support and monitoring. Our powerful enterprise grade desktop solutions are hosted at our world-class datacenters which is live with BGP-enabled internet connection and N+1 power backup.


    Complete and Full PC Desktop Experience

    Unveil the complete remote PC desktop experience as never before with powerful computing configurations of 8 Core or 16 Core or 24 Core Intel CPUs that are backed with RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) enabled SSD Drives. Super fast and powerful performance that will empower your productivity for daily computing needs.



    Cross Platform/Cross Device/Cross Browser Support

    HTML5 based program which requires no addons like java or flash or anything and it works on any browser.



    Ease of Access – Any time Any where

    Access your work or personal Desktop from any location at any time just with the help of an internet enabled device. Flexibility of access via Windows, Android or iOS operating system. Ease up your remote access to your virtual desktop with use of any access device…..Be it your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart phone.



    Next Generation Virtual Desktop Computer

    An Easily manageable Virtual Desktop solution that is enabled with touchscreen feature with loaded features of productivity applications meant for ultimate office experience. Elevate your mobility without any downsides to your productivity.



    Improved Authentication and Enhanced Security

    Datasoft has designed a Realm based authentication policy with complete SSL encryption and compression right from the time you login to your virtual desktop till the last keystroke on your virtual desktop before you log off. This, ensures an increased security and protection to your remote sessions.



    Work with even lesser Bandwidth

    No more headaches of RDP Client Software Installations and maintaining updates of RDP Software. Our browser enabled access to your virtual desktop saves your overall bandwidth consumption. Use of latest browser technologies such as HTML5 enables you to save almost No more headaches of RDP Client Software Installations and maintaining updates of RDP Software. Our browser enabled access to your virtual desktop saves your overall bandwidth consumption. Use of latest browser technologies such as HTML5 enables you to save almost 80% bandwidth while accessing your virtual desktop.



    Powerful User Control Panel

    Customer control panels has buttons to Boot, Reboot, Stop, and Shut-down and Remote Console Access.



    Daily Backups

    Free daily backup option to take full backup of your desktop. You can take a Backup of your Cloud Server and Restore it later if you need to.



    US-based IPs

    US based public IP makes it easier to open any web sites or applications from virtual desktop avoiding any local ISP limitations.



    World-class Datacenter

    The Miami and St. Louis DataCenters has 24,000 sq. ft. of Area. This was specifically designed with our clients needs in mind. Our facility provides world class Connectivity, layout, and security for various businesses.



    SSD (Solid State Drive)

    Datasoft now uses SSDs (Solid State Drives) in all of our Cloud Servers. SSDs are 10x faster than traditional HDDs. The main difference is in Random Read/Write speed which is IOPS (Input/Output Operations per second). SSD has almost 200 times higher IOPS than HDD.


    RAIN (Redundant Array of Independent NAND) Enabled SSDs

    Datasoft now uses Enterprise-level SSD which utilize RAIN Flash Media Management System. RAIN technology adds user data protection that extends beyond ECC, minimally impacting drive performance, and optimizes NAND management, with a high degree of parallelism already in place within the SSD. RAIN technology for an SSD is equivalent to a RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) technology for Disk Drives. The picture below shows RAID setup for HDDs. In a similar way, RAIN technology for SSDs implement parity data-strips for Redundancy.



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