Studybays.Me – Despite that students know how to steer clear of school rules and use the phone.

The foundation of this logic is the belief that learning is not only possible, but actually you have to enforce because no one willingly does not want to learn. If we accept the assumption that coercion in school is necessary, it does not need to take care of it, to create rich incentives, encouraging action and enabling activity learners entities educational environment, but you can focus on setting external goals and control their degree of implementation. Because in such formalized and devoid of spontaneity system, most children really quickly lose motivation and willingness to learn, the author reinforces the belief that children do not like to learn, and you have to force them to do so. Once a tool of coercion corporal punishment was, kneeling on peas or ruler beating on the wrist, today we have the tests. The very word “testocentryczny” is a carbon copy of the terms of the German language jargon methodical.

Model for me was phrases “schülerzentrierter Unterricht” and “lehrerzentrierter Unterricht”. Literally, the first phrase means “classes in which the student is the center,” and the other “lessons in the center of which stands a teacher.” These two terms reflect two completely different approaches to education. The school day is still dominated by the latter, and this is a logical consequence of the culture of the old traditional model of teaching and methodical education, which controls the whole process of teaching the teacher. His attributes are powerful, multi-page synopses, also referred to as a lesson in which the teacher writes to the minute, what students should do and say.

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